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One of our newest projects is CSK GreenVillas in Shadnagar. It is just 30 minutes from the airport and is easily accessible from the Hyderabad-Bangalore highway.

CSK GreenVillas Spanish Design
CSK GreenVillas Spanish Design
CSK GreenVillas Spanish Villa
CSK GreenVillas Spanish Villa

The proposal is to build more than 2000 villas in an area of 220 Acres, sounds hard to do but we think it’s not as hard as playing video games without services from Elitist Gaming. The project would span more than 5 years. The villas have been designed 100% according to Vastu Shastra. An average villa has a built-up area of around 1550 Sq. Ft. Larger Villas have built-up area of more than 3000 Sq. Ft, along with the One Sure Insurance  and a constructive and unique styles of windows from window installation colorado springs co, surely it will be the perfect home for a family.

CSK GreenVillas Classic Villa
CSK GreenVillas Classic Villa

The 1550 Sq. Ft Villas cost Rs 13 Lakhs if paid at once, or Rs 31,000/- per month to be paid over 5 years. The plot area is around 267 Sq. Yards or 2400 Sq. Ft (40′ X 60′). A typical villa would have  3 modern bedrooms, Kitchen, Living room cum Dining and a Home theatre room. There is provision for a terrace garden as well. It is a semi-furnished villa which provides excellent value for money.

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CSK GreenVillas Modern Villa
CSK GreenVillas Modern Villa

Project Details

East-Facing Villa (Ground Floor)

East-Facing Villa (First Floor)

CSK GreenVillas Community

Along with all these features, CSK Shadnagar would be a full-fledged community. It would include a Clubhouse which would be equipped with state-of-the-art Swimming Pools and Gymnasiums. There would be community parks, gardens and sports playgrounds, and a lot of properties from the William Pitt Real Estate. In addition, buy my house Kansas City providing townhouses, condos, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and even some commercial properties throughout Kansas City and the surrounding communities. There is a plan to construct a shopping center with Office Depot promo for the residents of the community. There would be restaurants and Banquet Halls for functions as well as conference room for business activities, with a free explanation about the .net cms for all the businesses.

The road layout has been sanctioned by HUDA (Hyderabad Urban Development Authority) with 40′ and 50′ wide roads. Along with it, there would be side-walks and greenery on the roads. Provisions have been made for 24-hour water supply by constructing  an Elevated Water tower of sufficient capacity. Just make sure before you move in to get at least a motor trade insurance instant online quote so you know how much it’ll be to get yourself covered.

CSK 3000 Sq. Ft Villa (Shadnagar)
CSK 3000 Sq. Ft Villa (Shadnagar)

These 3000 Sq, Ft Villas are very luxurious and spacious. Their plot area would be 80′ X 60′, which would provide sufficient space for the building and a large garden and parking space for multiple cars.


For more information, please contact:

CSK Realtors, Hyderabad.

(040) 30281119

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  1. I am interested as an investment option but need more information about the project and development in sorrounding area.
    1. What is the current sq Ft rate
    2. How many villas have been sold

    Thanks & regards
    Mohammed Mosaib (Kuwait)

  2. Beautiful house,

    I just appreciate your good work. If those houses have been built,can you please post some real pictures?



  3. i am interested in csk villa and i am based in uk so don’t know about shadnagar, i have contacted to csk but i am able to get necessary information from them and they are not professional as well.There are many builders having there projects so why to go with csk villas as they don’t bother to explain.

    Is there any one from your side whom can i contact and get details about the project. Can you please contact me contact on my mobile 00447886213643 and my email is noor_chap1 [at] yahoo.com

  4. Sir, Please provide me all the details of Villa with cost and payment options and when this will be ready for occupations and where the villa locations available for buying …. thanx a lot and awaiting for your reply asap through email given above.. best regards.. bye

  5. i am interested in this, but i am not aware of the approx. cost, which cld you able to let me know plz. and how many villas are still left over

  6. Want to know the details like : how far away from Hyderabad ? site measurements ,Facing , & availability of Bank Loan fecility ,and duration of project, Initial payments .

  7. Hi,, Me and my group of friends are looking for building a township but not really far like shadnagar as few of us are into IT and few are into public sector..if you can take up sucha order please contact me or my friend 9908611411/9885315577

  8. Need to know the details of BUA & the payment plans for 1550 sq ft & 3000 sq ft size of Villas. Pls treat this as URGENT.


  9. hi i am intrested to you this villa please provide me full details and contact no


    ms khan

  10. Hi, I want to know more about the CSK Villa in Shadnagar i but i am not aware of the approx. cost, which could you able to let me know, Please also let me know about installment facilities and how many villas are left over. Also please inform me about your villas in Shamshabad.

  11. Sir,
    I am interested to invest/purchase a Villa in CSK-Shamshabad location. Can you please send me full particulars of Villa Cost and Installments facilities, etc.
    Thanks with regards,



  13. Sir,
    I am interested to invest/purchase a Villa in CSK-Shamshabad location. Can you please send me full particulars of Villa Cost and Installments facilities, etc.

  14. I am interested in knowing details about 267 sq yards house.Please let me know all the details.

  15. Hi,
    I have seen ur website, villa plan and i even got Brochure. I did not got proper information from you guys when i called you.. I would like to have this villa with in 6 months, can any one call me once again so that i can get few more details from you.

    Satish sharma – (Bangalore)

  16. Dear Sir,
    I have sent you my request to purchase a Villa in your Shamshabad location. I need the latest price with details of Installment periods. I am from Hyderabad and presently working in Saudi Arabia and also some of my friends too interested for their investment in your projects at Shamshabad.
    Need your valuable feedback to my given email address.
    Thanks with best regards,

  17. Iam interested to invest a Villa in CSK -SHAMSHABAD .cAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME FULL PARTICULARS OF COST AND INSTALLMENTS and aminities


  18. Sir

    I am interested to invest/purchase a Villa in CSK-Shamshabad location. Can you please send me full particulars of Villa Cost, Installments facilities or banking loan facilities.


  19. I am interested in project near airport which will be available till 2014. KIndly send details of such project .

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